Mattress Cutaway View of Twin XL v5 Plush Single-Sided Mattress Interior 3D Rendering
Mattress Image of Twin XL v5 Plush Single-Sided Mattress exterior 3D rendering
Mattress Cutaway View of Twin XL v5 Plush Single-Sided Mattress Interior 3D Rendering

The Verlo v5 Plush mattress features an improvement in motion separation to help you and your partner sleep better. Verlo's v5 collection mattresses conform better to body contours and help minimize partner disturbance. The v5 collection benefits from higher density foam layers and individually wrapped to provide excellent comfort and support. The free Comfort Adjustment is for one full year with a non-prorated 10-year warranty.

Product Details

  • Gel foam with open cellular design that enhances heat dissipation
  • Improved motion separation minimizes partner disturbance
  • 10 year non-prorated warranty
  • One FREE Comfort Adjustment during the first year (365 days)
  • double-sided Plush Mattress
  • Made in the USA

v5 Plush Double-Sided Mattress

(27 customer reviews)

$1,300.00 - $2,400.00

The Verlo v5 Plush double-sided mattress features an improvement in motion separation to help you and your partner sleep better. Verlo’s v5 collection mattresses conform better to body contours and help minimize partner disturbance so you both get your best sleep.

Single-sided mattress pictured.

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v5 Plush Double-Sided Mattress

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v5 Plush Double-Sided Mattress

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27 reviews for v5 Plush Double-Sided Mattress

  1. Alan/Teresa A.

    I don’t have the back ache I used to when sleeping on our old waterbed. I walk by the bedroom and I think the bed is calling me!! HeHe! It is very soft and inviting. Thank you so much for being a company that takes care of it’s customers and has a business model that says we are American. A great quality product with services to match at a great value!!!

  2. Jenny C.

    I have had 3 back surgery and a complete neck fusion c2-c7 I am sleeping better than i have for years. Thank you for helping me sleep better and wake up in less pain

  3. Chris M.

    The mattress was worth the money. We fall asleep quicker and I am waking up pain free. I’d go as far as saying it’s therapeutic. We purchased a memory/gel foam mattress and I’m a little concerned it might be too warm in summer.

  4. Amy R.

    It didn’t take me any time to adjust to a new bed. I have slept awesome since the day it was delivered. Best bed and experience ever!!

  5. Dave N.

    It’s a little too high for me smaller box spring would be fine. The service was excellent and that product is excellent

  6. Kathy R.

    The mattress is a bit too firm and I’ll be calling to have an adjustment soon

  7. Nancy S.

    Our bed is more comfortble. I wish there was a size between full and twin. fwinn?

  8. Matt B.

    i no longer wake my wife when i toss and turn, and vice versa, ive been sleeping deeper and better since we got it

  9. Steve W.

    good things happen to good people, thanks again for making a great product

  10. Janelle C.

    Both of our back’s are not sore anymore like they were on our old mattress. I notice I’m less tired in the mornings due to not tossing and turning all night which is great! Very satisfied with our purchase and would return for all of our mattress needs 🙂

  11. Megan K.

    The first night was a little rough because it was so new but I love my bed! I think I would have spent more on a higher V series but I am satisfied with what I have. Thanks for a great nights sleep!

  12. Kathy D.

    Great mattress

  13. Sarah P.

    Nothing, maybe price but that’s with everything. I think we got good value for what we paid.

  14. Amy E.

    I had back pain when I woke up every morning before I purchased the new mattress, but there has been no change since the new mattress. I wish it was softer (lucky for me, I can make it softer for free). Great customer service

  15. Jeanine H.

    Perfect firmness. Not rolling into hubby (I mean, I love him, but…)! Pretty heavy (kinda hard to put on the fitted sheet). Great customer service!

  16. Gloria O.

    so much better and no more lumpy bed and sleep like a baby

  17. Brian S.

    The mattress is perfect. We’ve gone from restless sleeping to hours of deep, peaceful sleep- and no more aches! Thanks! For the first time in ten years we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!

  18. Terry & Jon N.

    My back doesn’t hurt anymore. I would not change a thing. I hope the mattress holds up for a long time.

  19. Mary G.

    This bed is very comfortable.

  20. Peter O.

    Love the mattress and knowing I could call for help

  21. Becky N.

    On our first night with the new mattress, both my husband and I slept great. We both woke up the next morning refreshed. Initially, I would have said to make it softer. But after a few months of sleeping on it, I really wouldn’t change anything. It’s soft in the right places but still supportive. We wake up refreshed, rested and don’t have any body aches and pains as we had before. We are both so pleased with our purchase.
    When I went to purchase my mattress, I really had my heart set on the V7 King. It ended up being out of my price range and I had to get the V5 kind instead. I was upset, feeling like I had to “settle” for something with less quality. I could not have been more wrong. The V5 is comfortable and supportive while still feeling soft. We tell people that is the most comfortable soft and hard mattress. Keep up the good work Verlo!

  22. Glen -Marie B.

    This is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on!!

  23. Sirene S.

    Feel mattress is too hard for my back. Make it softer for my back

  24. Don S.

    My back stopped hurting. Should have purchased a spring that is a little thinner than the 9″ we got. Have to climb up into the bed. (short person)

  25. Cody M.

    I purchased this mattress over 2 years ago now and it is still as comfortable as the day I bought it. I really love my Verlo! I looked at the competition and didn’t feel comfortable spending the money on something I didn’t know. I have only had Verlo mattresses in my lifetime and refuse to get anything besides. I am currently looking to see if the V7 or the V9 would be the next upgrade for me, since I am thinking about using my current for my spare room.

  26. Brittany Klostermann

    This is the best bed my husband and I have ever owned! We will definitely recommend to anyone looking!

  27. Ed Morris

    Three years ago I took a fall and ended up with a 50% compression fracture to my L1. With-in days of getting the V5 from Verlo my back is very happy and I get a great nights sleep. The V5’s excellent craftsmanship and quality makes me pain free! My back and I thank you. Great service to boot. I will be a repeat customer, my son needs a new mattress very soon.

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