Mattress Return


Every sleeper has his or her own comfort preferences, and there’s no way to know if you love a mattress until you actually try it. And even when companies make mattress returns easy, buying a mattress all over again is a major hassle.

Due to concerns around hygiene and product integrity, Verlo Mattress® does not accept mattress returns or exchanges — but we don’t need to. That’s because we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure you find the perfect mattress in the first place.

When you visit your local Verlo showroom, our Comfort Coaches will take the time to understand your sleeping habits, preferences, and needs. We’ll then have you test different mattresses until you find the right fit. Finally, we will personalize the comfort level of your mattress, ensuring it’s just the right level of firmness.

What if you take your mattress home and decide that it’s a little too firm or a little too soft after a few weeks of use? In that case, you can bring your mattress back to your local Verlo factory for a FREE Comfort Adjustment. Every mattress we sell comes with one free Comfort Adjustment, provided in the first 180 or 365 days after purchase.

Additionally, every Verlo mattress is covered by our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee — a one-of-a-kind policy among mattress manufacturers. Under this guarantee, we will provide any additional Comfort Adjustments at a nominal charge for the full lifetime of your mattress. As your body and comfort preferences change, your mattress will change with you, ensuring a lifetime of comfort. With Verlo, you’ll never need to consider mattress returns.

Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

When you make the best mattresses, you want happy customers for life. That's why we'll do everything we can to keep you sleeping soundly for years to come, even as your wants change. Wish it were a little softer? A little firmer? Our exclusive Comfort Adjustment Service will make it just right. That's the Verlo Lifetime Guarantee.

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