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Mattress jobs at Verlo® involve more than just making, selling, or delivering mattresses. With a job at Verlo, you’re helping people get more quality awake time during the day by helping them get more quality sleep at night.

Are you passionate about getting a good night’s rest? Do you find rewards in being productive and seeing progress? If so, a job at Verlo may be a perfect match. Explore our mattress jobs below and join Verlo’s team of positive and energetic professionals.

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Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

When you make the best mattresses, you want happy customers for life. That's why we'll do everything we can to keep you sleeping soundly for years to come, even as your wants change. Wish it were a little softer? A little firmer? Our exclusive Comfort Adjustment Service will make it just right. That's the Verlo Lifetime Guarantee.

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