Crafting Sleep in Local Mattress Factories Since 1958

employees of local mattress factories making new mattresses

Verlo Mattress® takes pride in building our mattresses one at a time in our local mattress factories and selling them exclusively in our stores for less. Each Verlo store and mattress factory is locally owned and operated by a member of your community. Because we are direct-to-consumer our prices are affordable.

Why Local Mattress Factories?

These days, it’s almost impossible to find a mattress made just for you. Outside of a few boutique brands, most mattress retailers depend on re-selling a product made by an out-of-state or out-of-country manufacturer.

This makes Verlo a big exception in the world of mattress sales. The first Verlo mattress was locally hand-crafted in 1958, and sold direct to consumer.  We continue this tradition and build each mattress to order in our local factories.

By making our mattresses locally, Verlo guests benefit from:

Direct-to-Consumer Pricing

Our local mattress factories help our guests steer clear of middleman markups. We sell our mattresses at direct-to-consumer prices, giving you a premium mattress at an unbeatable price.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

We do not compromise the quality, construction, and craftsmanship of our mattresses. That’s why we’re the only mattress retailer that offers a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.

Personalized Comfort

At Verlo, we don’t manufacture mattresses ahead of time. Instead, each mattress is made to order, personalized to your exact preferences.

Custom Mattress

Need a custom mattress for a non-standard-size bed? Your local Verlo has you covered. We can make custom-size mattresses for boats, RVs, trucks, antique beds, water bed frames, European sizes, and more!

Experience the comfort of a Verlo mattress and see your local mattress factory in action! Click below to find your nearest Verlo.

Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

When you make the best mattresses, you want happy customers for life. That's why we'll do everything we can to keep you sleeping soundly for years to come, even as your wants change. Wish it were a little softer? A little firmer? Our exclusive Comfort Adjustment Service will make it just right. That's the Verlo Lifetime Guarantee.

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