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Verlo Mattress in Retail Merchandiser!

NEWS ARTICLE – 3/12/2017 – Retail Merchandiser

Verlo Mattress‘ new president and COO is serious about her sleep, and she is not the only one. Currently, the United States finds itself in a sleep revolution. Pundits such as Arianna Huffington are writing books about the importance of sleep, and numerous TED Talks are given on the subject every year. “One of the things I’m passionate about is my sleep,” Kathy Thornton-Bias says. “If you think about it, so much depends on a good night’s sleep: your ability to function at a high level, plus your overall health, are both at stake. If anything, we don’t pay enough attention to it.” And that is just one of the reasons Kathy Thornton-Bias decided to come aboard Verlo Mattress in September 2016. She is no stranger to brands with a strong retail store presences, having previously served as the president of Bang & Olufsen North America, and having held leadership positions for other companies such as Target, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But given the high growth potential with Verlo, she leaped at the opportunity. READ MORE.

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