Verlo Corporate

Verlo Corporate

Verlo bounces beyond mattresses

NEWS ARTICLE – 2/6/2017 – BizTimes

Milwaukee-based Verlo is no longer just a mattress company, but also is focused on developing new products and services that help people sleep better. “Verlo’s very committed now to not just selling mattresses – that will always be a core part of our business – but also being innovators in the category of sleep; that’s where we see the future of the business going,” said Kathy Thornton-Bias, Verlo president and chief operating officer. She said the mattress industry has seen a resurgence, partially driven by consumers, “but also kind of changing how we’ve historically done business.” “There’s been kind of an evolution happening in what was typically considered a very commodity-based product and now mattresses, the product, and sleep, the idea, are actually very popular, not just with consumers but with investors,” she said.  READ MORE.

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