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Top 5 Common Dreams and What They Mean

june 19 chased in dreamDreams are a unique part of the human body’s spectrum. Some people have them and some say they never dream. If you dream, what do your dreams say about you?

We often look at our dreams and try to interpret them for realistic value. However, the truth is that dreams are more about the subconscious working out issues, rather than predictions about the future.

To learn more about dreams, let’s dig into dream interpretation and see what the most common dream symbols are actually telling you.

1. Being Chased

Talk about the stuff nightmares are made of! No one likes to be chased, even in a dream, but it turns out this dream symbol is actually a good thing. For these dreams, it’s a sign that you will finally come face to face with something that has been bothering you. Side note: women dream this more often than men.

2. Falling Dream

The most troubling type of dream can be one where you fall. It can be as mild as falling off the bed in your dream, or falling off a cliff into the Grand Canyon. An old wive’s tale is that if you hit the ground in a falling dream you will die. While the truth is far less deadly, these types of dreams do indicate something is going wrong in your life.

Author Cathleen O’Connor explains falling dreams in her book, “The Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary.” She notes that individuals who are stressed or struggling, whether with work, finances, health issues, or relationships, should take heed of these types of dreams. It is a sign that you are overwhelmed or vulnerable in your life, and need to make a change to regain control of the situation.

3. Flying Dream

woman flying in sky.jpgNo, you aren’t channeling your inner Superman with this one. A dream in which you are flying is an indicator to get your life in order. Something is amiss and causing you to feel out of control. Find out what the issue is and self-correct in order to overcome this dream.

4. Teeth Falling Out

Ever dreamt that your teeth were crumbling from your mouth or that you had no teeth left at all? The dream of your teeth falling out is related to power and confidence. Teeth are a dream symbol of power, and when you lose this power you also lose your teeth. Other dream theorists have a different take: the teeth dream is related to broken relationships. According to this theory, there are also differences in gender for this type of dream. Women who dream of losing teeth want to get pregnant, while men want sexual stimulation.

5. Going in Public in the Buff

If you dream about showing up at school without wearing pants, or arriving at work without a shirt, then this is more likely a nightmare than a dream. But what does this dream symbolize? As reported by the Huffington Postthe dream of being naked in public is common when you are experiencing something new. Whether you are starting a new job or have moved to a new home, you are likely to feel anxious and vulnerable…and are likely to dream about being in the buff.

When dreaming, you have little control over your life. This, it turns out, is a good thing, as your dreams are really your subconscious taking over to help work out major life issues. Instead of worrying about dreaming of falling, flying, or having your teeth knocked out, embrace your dreams and try to better understand yourself in the process.

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