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How to Make the Most of Your Fall

Fall Colors Get Everyone’s Tail Wagging

Goodbye backyard barbecues, bugs, and sweaty days. What a re-leaf, autumn is moving fall-throttle toward us. The time when kids go back to school and the chill in the night air means we can enjoy the outdoors. Don’t think of it as the entrance to a long winter, but rather appreciate the gourd-geous season in all its glory.

Fall is also the time to spruce up and spice things up. We’re not just talking about pumpkin lattes (but what would fall be without them?), but about your home. It’s a great time to change things up a bit. Here’s how to make the most of your fall.

Decorate With Fall Colors

One of the best parts of this season is the muted natural colors that flood every neighborhood. The leaves autumn-matically begin to change to beautiful orange, yellow, and red. Rake in the beauty of the colors and use them to accent the inside of your home for that cozy fall look. Consider changing out the tablecloth and adding a fall centerpiece to your dining room. Decorate your front door by hanging a fall wreath. Embracing the natural colors this time of year is sure to put anyone into the fall spirit.

Create a Cozy Bedroom

Fall is the natural precursor to shorter days and longer nights. Creating a cozy bedroom, with plenty of comfy blankets and bedspreads, will help you get a better night’s sleep. (Keep in mind, this is the season you get an extra hour of sleep when the clocks go back.) This is also the start of cold and flu season. Making sure that your bed is comfortable and supportive will help you get much-needed rest to help fight off germs. Replace your mattress if it’s been a while or change out your summer bedding with cozy fall options.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a pumpkin patch. Take time to get lost in a maze, go on a hayride, bob for apples, and oh yeah, pick out a pumpkin. A huge gourd will look great on the porch with that fall wreath!

Pick Up Some Gourds with Your Little Pumpkin!

Mulch and Maintain the Lawn

Cooler weather is also the perfect time to get your lawn ready to weather the winter. Apply a slow-release fertilizer and mulch fallen leaves directly into the yard as you mow. Mowing without a bag will also let grass clippings fall back to the lawn, which can help elevate the nitrogen levels. Get the kids to help you rake the leaves by promising them the opportunity to jump into them. It’s crucial you get all the leaves up before the snow arrives, so they don’t attract snow mold in the winter. A little fall lawn work will pay off handsomely come spring.

Mid-Autumn is Perfect for Getting Friends Together to Roast Marshmallows

This is also the perfect time to sit around the fire pit. Don’t have an outdoor fireplace? There are hundreds of inexpensive options out there, or you canbuild your own.

Take a Walk Around the Neighborhood

Enjoy the crisp air by taking a walk around the neighborhood. Better yet, jump in the autumn-mobile and drive to a wilderness area to marvel at the fall colors. It’s a great excuse to take a hike or just a short stroll and stretch your legs. A walk before or after dinner can also help digestion. Getting outdoors for some light exercise also lets you sleep better, which brings a host of health benefits as well.

Winter will be here before you know it. But before you start counting down the days until Christmas, take time to enjoy this time of year. Remember, fall gives us a lot to be thankful for in November.

Paul Colbert is a travel blogger and nature enthusiast. He loves exploring new places and new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Paul ColbertPaul Colbert

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