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Headband Device Uses Sound to Enhance Sleep

woman wearing DREEM headband.jpgAs sleep advocates, we typically suggest taking a break from technology at bedtime, citing the blue light that can interfere with the production of melatonin, and the mental stimulation that can make falling asleep harder.

However, great sleep and high-tech aren’t incompatible. Take a look at this great infographic about how to sleep better with technology.

While perusing through magazines, I came across an interesting write-up about a new technology that is supposed to help you sleep through the use of sound:

It’s All In Your Head

Or rather, on your head. This new wearable device, called Dreem, is worn to bed like a headband, where it monitors and analyzes your brain activity and uses sound to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Designed by Rhythm, a neurotechnology company based in Paris and San Francisco, the device uses bone conduction technology to emit sounds at precise moments during deep sleep.

Bone conduction technology? If you’re like me, you’re wondering, “What’s that?” Allow me to do you the favor of looking it up. According to Wikipedia, bone conduction is “the transmission of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.”


The company points to researchers who have studied sound as a medium for sleep enhancement. Unlike random sounds that can disturb sleep, certain sounds at specific moments apparently have been proven to be “an effective and non-invasive way to enhance deep sleep.”

How Does Dreem Work?

Dreem headband 2.jpgDreem uses proprietary EEG sensors placed in the headband to monitor your brain waves to determine your sleep stage. Once you reach a deep level of sleep, the device transmits non-invasive sound – without the use of ear plugs (think back to that bone conduction section) – to stimulate the brian to stay in a deep sleep.

Is It Comfortable?

That’s a good question. Rhythm says the headband device is more like apparel, with a fabric body that is soft and comfortable. This sounds encouraging, but even an actual fabric headband can start to annoy you if worn too long, and eight hours could be too long for me.

We can’t give you an full answer about its comfort because the device isn’t available yet. You can pre-order one from their website for $399 (normally $499). Rhythm says Dreem deliveries are planned for Fall 2017.

hippie girl.jpgBeyond the comfort question, we have to ask: Is this a look you could rock every night in bed? While it’s 100 percent more attractive than a CPAP machine, the cute hippie look could get a little old after a while. But if it helps you to get a better night of sleep, we’re all for it!

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